Student Led Conferences
Student Led Conferences
Scott Jackson
Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Parents and Guardians,

Once again, Albright Middle School is excited to be facilitating student-led parent conferences this fall.  These conferences will be held on the evening of November 1, 2018.  During student-led conferences, the primary role of communicator belongs to your child, and the teacher’s role is to provide support to the student and clarification for the parents as needed.

Prior to the actual conferences, the teacher facilitators have been working with your child by helping them select appropriate pieces of work, teaching them how to reflect on the work, and planning the discussion they will have with you during the conference.  At the time of your visit, your son or daughter will discuss several samples of work, share their personal work habits, their strengths and weaknesses as students, and their educational goals for this school year.  By using this format of parent conferences we are actually able to put the most important person in the conference front and center, your child.  We are also able to better use our teachers and spread them out around the building, which will allow us to see over five times the number of parents during conferences.  This means we can offer every student and their parent(s) a conference time slot.  

Each student-led conference should last approximately15 minutes. Conferences will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis by contacting your child’s teacher facilitator directly.  In the next few days, you will receive an E-mail from your child’s conference facilitator letting you know how you can contact them to schedule your conference.  Once you contact them, you will be given a reserved time slot for your conference in a confirmation E-mail.  NOTE: If your schedule allows, please choose a late-afternoon slot so parents who’s schedule does not allow them to meet earlier can fill the later time slots.  

After your conference we are going to ask each parent who attends to fill out a short electronic feedback survey using one of our supplied Chromebooks so we can continue to improve our conference format and best meet the needs of our parents.  

Mr. Jackson