Operations & Business Services Newsletter January 9, 2019
Operations & Business Services Newsletter January 9, 2019
Dr. Frank Evans
Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Chicago Mayoral Candidates’ Education Plans

Chalkbeat breaks down “what we know about Chicago mayoral candidates’ education plans,” focusing in particular on Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza’s 50 NEW Initiative, which “would turn 50 under enrolled schools with empty classrooms into community hubs.” The article adds Mendoza’s and other candidates’ “urgency to release an education plan before unveiling a fiscal or economic development agenda is another sign of the prominence that public education will play in the heated contest.” Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle and former Chicago schools superintendent Paul Vallas both “have released detailed statements about how they’d improve schools and confront...steep enrollment decline.” In addition, the candidates have “been pressed to declare where they stand on the issue of an elected school board, since Chicago doesn’t have one.” Mendoza and Preckwinkle both support an elected school board, while Vallas and candidate Bill Daley support a hybrid school board consisting of appointed and elected candidates. Chalkbeat also briefly summarizes the education stances of candidates Amara Enyia, Lori Lightfoot, and Gery Chico.

Parkland Cases Begin, Putting Duty Of School And Deputy Under Scrutiny


NPR reports “the first cases related to the Parkland school shooting in February are beginning to work through the courts,” where they are “testing a number of thorny legal issues.” In one lawsuit, Broward County Circuit Judge Patti Englander Henning denied Peterson’s attorneys’ motion to dismiss a complaint accusing Peterson of “neglecting his duty as a law enforcement officer by staying outside the school building rather than confronting the shooter.” In a federal case, “U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom ruled to dismiss all of the constitutional rights violations claimed by...15 students who were present during the shooting.” In her opinion, “Bloom wrote...the plaintiffs’ case hinged on the Due Process Clause,” which effectively “protects individuals from the state, but not from each other.” Bloom said the defendants “frame their claim as arising from the actions, or inactions, of Defendants,” including Peterson, but “viewed properly, the claim arises from the actions of Cruz, a third party, and not a state actor.”


20 Operations & Business Services Work Orders Filed

We received twenty work orders in the last 30 days. The most were from Stella May School with a total of 12 orders, 7 came from Albright Middle School, one from Salt Creek Primary School, and none from the District Office.


99 IT Services Work Orders Filed

We received 99 work orders for IT Services in the same 30 day period. The most came from Stella May Swartz at 38, followed by Albright Middle School with 25, 20 came from the District Office and 16 from Salt Creek Primary. Feedback from 17 individuals were all Very Satisfied.


The Standard Insurance Company, Your District Life Insurance Company, Has A New Service Available


The Standard Insurance Company has a new service that is automatically included with the Group Life Insurance. It is a toolkit of comprehensive online resources. You can also use the kit to confer with experts in person or by phone and obtain valuable information online.


Insured employees and their beneficiaries can use Morneau Shepell a leading provider of employee assistance services. Employees will have access to legal forms that they can take advantage of immediately, including online will preparation and other estate-planning assistance, tips to avoid identity theft, advance funeral planning help and articles to help with personal finances. Use this link: to access your tool kit.


Core Switches At Each School To Be Replaced

A core switch is the brains of the entire IT service at each school. The core switch tells the other switches, WiFi system, and filters what to do. Our existing core switches are nearing end of life and one is closer to that end of life than the other two. We decided to replace all three at a cost just under $13,000 to ensure that our system remains fully functional. Single Path engineers will do the work of replacing the unit at each school.


Additional VoIP Phones To Be Added To The SASED Office


When SASED moved Joan Allison’s office to their new administrative center they removed the phone system that provided phones to the Consultants Office. While the consultants have been using a district phone in the employee lunchroom they wanted their own phone in their office. SASED agreed to provide two VoIP phones connected to our system. Single Path will get a switch and two VoIP phones set up in their office.


Single Path Contract Revised To Provide State/Federal Reporting Assistance


The administration recommended that the district expand the services of Single Path from IT to also include assistance in state and federal reporting and data management. We have increasing need for the management of data and use of data to complete reports for the Illinois State Board of Education and the U.S. Department of Education as well as inter-district data analysis. Single Path has received similar requests from their school district clients and offered the service to our district as well at a slight increase in our monthly payment.


Additional Teacher Assistance Provided To Stella May Swartz & Albright Middle School


Principals requested additional teachers be added to Stella May Swartz School and Albright Middle School to address second grade and seventh grade instruction. While neither of these additional part time positions were included in the 2018-19 budget we indicated to the Board that we would fund the positions using our budgeted contingency dollars.


Principals want to see if the additional staff provide the kind of assistance needed by the students before making a commitment to continue services for these students who are underperforming. The Administrative Team reviews staffing needs for the following year and are in the midst of doing that now.


Quote of The Week

“Education begins the gentleman, but reading, good company and reflection must finish him.” ~ John Locke