Sarah Smith
Tuesday, January 22, 2019

For the past several months the students of Stella May Swartz have been focusing on respect.  As a school, we have put the focus on respecting oneself, respecting other classmates, respecting adults, and respecting people and situations outside of our school environment.  As a school, we have talked a lot about being good listeners, following rules, using manners, and being respectful at home, school, and in our communities.  The students have been practicing using manners in different situations, treating others the way we want to be treated, and more! This focus began in September.  Every other Friday, all the students and staff at Swartz gather together for a “Little Viking Pride” assembly.  During these gatherings, individual students are recognized for their exemplary character, focused study skills,  determination and hard work.  Students that are named “Little Vikings” are given a Viking Pride t-shirt to wear to the gatherings in the future.  

In addition, to the “Little Vikings,” we also recognize students that have shown great respect and good character.  Throughout the course of the week, students earn blue respect tickets or gold spirit tickets.  The blue respect tickets are given to students that show respect to a fellow student, teacher, or staff member.  In September and October, our focus was on respect in all areas at school. We noticed that our students were doing a great job of being respectful in their classrooms, but were struggling a bit with being respectful on the bus, at lunch, and at recess. In November and December, our focus turned to being respectful while on the bus, at recess, during lunch, and during Specials classes (music, art, technology, STEM, P.E.)  The bus drivers and lunchroom supervisors were given blue Respect tickets to award to students.  The students took this challenge to heart and earned over 100 respect tickets in a two week time frame and have continued to work hard on being respectful wherever they are.  

Over the next month, the students will be participating in a kindness campaign.  We will be encouraging and recognizing acts of kindness.  In addition, we will be sending home a kindness challenge for students to complete with their families.