Responding to student needs
Responding to student needs
John Correll
Thursday, February 28, 2019


In Salt Creek School District 48, one of our strategic goals is to make sure that our students meet grade level proficiency in reading, math and writing, and ensure that all learners are ready to be successful in high school and beyond. To this end, we are constantly monitoring student progress and determining courses of action when we have concerns about student learning.

This school year, we became concerned about student progress in two grade levels and took action to provide students with additional help. Our Board of Education approved additional half-time licensed teachers in each of these grade levels so that we could develop smaller and more focused groups for needed interventions and instruction. To date, we are pleased with this plan, and preliminary measures suggest that they are being successful in helping all students succeed. We are able to do this based on a responsive system of student progress assessments, quick development of an intervention plan, and great support from our Board of Education.

In addition, for next school year, we will be hiring a full time math specialist to assist with the enhancement of math instruction District wide. This person will provide direct instruction to small groups of students who need a math boost, as well as provide professional development for teachers and develop model lessons to use in the classroom. We currently employ two reading specialists, but this addition of a math specialist will allow us to address concerns we have had in that important instructional area.

We are also making plans to expand our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) program to Albright Middle School, after introducing a formal program at Swartz and Salt Creek Schools. The STEM program has been a great success in grades K-4, and we are looking forward to providing this program to our middle school students. The STEM program is highly engaging as students work together in teams to solve problems using manipulative devices.

Finally, we continue to evaluate our instructional technology program and are proud to note that our school district has significantly expanded our provision of devices to students over the last few years so that every child has access to personal technology in school.

These are just a few highlights that demonstrate how our district works hard to
assess student needs and provide programs, supports and services to make sure all of our students have the best chance to be successful in their learning.

Please contact me at any time with ideas, questions or concerns you may have about our school district. We always welcome your input!

John H. Correll