Superintendent's Message

Student Leadership in Salt Creek District 48

John H. Correll, Superintendent of Schools

On November 11, 2017, Salt Creek School District 48 held our second student leadership training day, called the “Learning to Lead Leadership Academy.” The event was co-sponsored by our FTC (Families, Teachers, Children) organization as well as our educational foundation PIE (Partnership for Inspired Education). Held that morning at Albright Middle School, over 100 Salt Creek students in grades K-8 participated in small group activities designed to develop and reinforce leadership skills with age-appropriate activities. The groups were led by District 48 staff and were assisted by former District 48 students now attending Willowbrook High School. The morning was very busy and all students were very engaged with the activities that were designed to support the concept that leadership is not a title or position, but is how you conduct yourself and take charge of your own behavior and life.

The morning was very exciting, and we particularly appreciated the great support from our teachers and the high school students, who demonstrated their own maturity and leadership skills in working with our younger students!

One group of 5th and 6th grade students came up with this outstanding list of characteristics, in response to the question: “What is a leader?”\

role modelbrave
(looks on the) bright sidefriendly
inspirationalleader (non-follower)
calmstands up
guidingopen to new ideas

This outstanding list of characteristics demonstrates that our young people can be reflective about the traits and behaviors that represent leadership and that they want to see in themselves and others.

Our goal in District 48 is promote these ideals and concepts with our students through all of their classes and co-curricular activities so that every one is ready to be successful as they move throughout the various stages of their education and lives.

Thanks to all of our families and other supporters as we work to make your school district better every day.