Welcome Back for the 2018/19 School Year!

     Those of you who have driven past our schools this summer know that we have been very busy making many much needed repairs!  We are finally able to use the funds provided with our successful November 2016 building referendum to fix our schools.  Thanks again to our citizens for this support!  While this summer's work has focused mainly on Albright Middle School and Stella May Swartz Elementary School, work at all three schools will take place over the next two summers.  We are striving to make them as safe and well-repaired as we can for our students, teachers, and all that come into our facilities.

     We are very excited to welcome our staff back for two Institute planning and preparation days on August 30 and 31.  Students return for a regular, full day of school on Tuesday September 4, 2018. You will recall that this summer break was extended to provide adequate time for the construction to be completed.  Based on the extent of the work, we will need every day of that extra time!

     In addition to the change in the summer break calendar, please note that school and office hours have been adjusted to make the schools operate on a more equal time schedule, and to enable meetings to be held after school to reduce the use of substitute teachers throughout the school day.  The student day at Salt Creek School is now 7:50-2:30, Stella May Swartz is 7:40-2:20, and Albright Middle School is 7:45-2:28.  This information has been shared previously, but we are aware that families will need to get into the routine of these changes.

     Finally, if you have not yet registered your child for the 2018/19 school year, it is very important that you contact the school office where your child will attend next year as soon as possible to get information on how to do that if you no longer have the communication describing how to do that. Annual residency verification is now required as part of that registration process. We need to know about every student attending our district as soon as possible so that we can be fully ready on day one.

     Thank you very much- and please accept my best wishes for a great school year for you and your student(s)!

Sincerely, John H. Correll, Ed.D.   Superintendent of Schools