Updated Mission Statement Focuses on Rigorous Student Leadership and Community Partnership

May 3, 2019

John H. Correll, Superintendent of Schools

At the March 20, 2019 regular meeting, our Salt Creek School District 48 Board of Education approved some changes in our Mission Statement that might on the surface seem minor, but in reality more clearly focus on our goal of promoting student success and leadership.

The previous version of the Mission Statement read: “Salt Creek School District 48 and our community will foster the development of all children and inspire them to learn, grow and succeed in a global society.”

The newly approved version reads: “The Salt Creek School District 48 community will promote the rigorous development of all of our students and inspire them to learn, grow, lead and succeed in a global society.”

The new version highlights that our community is truly part of us and not an adjunct that we simply need to keep in touch with. We cannot educate our students in isolation from the community in which we reside and we need the community to do a complete job of preparing students for their next life step. The new version also focuses on rigorous development of our students, emphasizing that we will do whatever it takes to make sure our students get the best preparation that we can provide. Finally, it was pointed out that while our tagline reads “Teaching Tomorrow’s Leaders,” the language reflecting student leadership did not appear in the Mission Statement itself, so that was added for emphasis.

In terms of the successful preparation of our students for the future, research is pointing to a newly considered set of skills that our students need, that are probably different from previous generations. The “hard (technical) skills” students need are: writing, critical thinking, technology, public speaking and the ability to make presentations. The corresponding “soft (adaptive) skills” include: dependability/reliability, adaptability/trainability. teamwork, customer focus, and decision making. It is toward these ends that our Mission Statement and our every day efforts with our students are focused.

Thanks to all for your support of our Salt Creek School District 48 schools!


John H. Correll, Ed.D. Superintendent of Schools