Operations & Business Services

The Operations & Business Services Office is responsible for the financial operation of the district and the general business and support functions. Our staff members manage all aspects of the District’s finances and operations including Fiscal Planning, Budgeting, Accounting, Accounts Payable, Insurance, Payroll, Purchasing, Custodial Service, Food Service, and Transportation.

The District’s financial goals and objectives are to provide an optimum educational program for all of the children of the school district in line with the district’s educational philosophy, consistent with efforts to achieve a balanced budget, and the taxpayers' ability to support such a program.

The District has consistently received “Recognition” financial ratings from the Illinois State Board of Education and is a Tier 4 Evidenced-Based Funding district based on fund balances available to provide optimum education programming for our students.

The Operations & Business Services Office staff provide the Board of Education, the District’s management, and interested citizens with the most meaningful financial planning and support services to maintain fiscal and operational health. The employees, parents, and Board of Education have high expectations for our educational programs, facilities, and quality of our district, and our careful planning and commitment reflect those expectations.


The Operations & Financial Services Department provides support services to schools and departments. Services include transportation, buildings & grounds, purchasing, accounts payable, budget, bookkeeping, payroll, and foodservice.

Frank Evans

Dr. Frank Evans
Director of Operations & Business Services/School District Treasurer
630-279-8400 x1003 / 630-770-1990 (cell)

Susan Nelson

Mrs. Susan Nelson
Bookkeeper/Administrative Assistant Human Resources
630-279-8400 x 1006

Lill Almeroth

Mrs. Lill Almeroth
Administrative Assistant Accounts Payable/Receptionist
630-270-8400 x 1002

Laura Robertson

Mrs. Laura Robertson
Administrative Assistant Student Services/Free & Reduced Food Service
630-279-8400 x 1004

Manny Godinez

Mr. Manny Godinez
Manager Buildings & Grounds
630-279-8400 x 1007

Mr Juan Sandoval

Mr. Juan Sandoval
Manager RJB Properties, Inc.
331-703-2010 (cell)


Through the prudent management of District resources, the Operations & Business Services Department seeks to support the educational mission of the District. The department is responsible for the oversight of the District’s annual operating budget. The process begins with approval of the District Levy each December for local tax revenues for the following fiscal year. Over 90% of the District funds come from local taxpayers with 6% from the State of Illinois and 4% from Federal sources

We utilize a zero budget development philosophy when developing the annual budget. The Administrative Team begins staffing discussions in December for the following fiscal year finalizing those decisions each March. Staffing salaries and fringe benefits make up 85% of the Education Fund spending. The remaining 15% is allocated on the basis of building and department needs for supplies, equipment, curriculum, and classroom instructional support. Principals and Department Directors provide their requests each April for the following fiscal year.

A tentative budget is presented to the Board of Education each June for the following fiscal year with a final budget presented to the Board of Education each September for approval following a public hearing.


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