About Swartz School

A High-Performing, High-Energy, High-Engagement School

Swartz Elementary School serves approximately 175 students in grades two through four. We are part of Salt Creek School District 48, located in DuPage County, Illinois. Our school’s direction and resolve reflect the district’s mission to “instill in all children a lifelong desire to maximize their potential in a global society”. We are a Title I school and serve a diverse student population. We embrace our school’s diversity and learn from each other. We recognize the most basic needs of children must be met before they can be their best and feel successful in the classroom. Teachers know their students and families and are sensitive to needs.

Walk through the hallways of Swartz School, and you will be welcomed by an enthusiastic and energized staff. Teachers model an eagerness for discovery and learning. They are committed to inciting their students to ask more questions, to think differently, to persevere through problems, and to articulate thoughts and feelings. Students walk through the doors of Swartz School each morning asking “What are we going to do today?” Instructional time is maximized and supported by interactive whiteboards, iPads, and laptops in every classroom. Students enjoy daily physical education classes. Music instruction is given three times a week, and art class and library learning time are offered weekly. Fourth grade students have the opportunity to receive instrumental instruction in band or orchestra. Teachers also sponsor Writer’s Club, Homework Club, Kids Care Club, and Drama Club to address the needs, interests, and talents of students. Our total focus is to serve students so that they maximize their potential in our global society. Each school day is planned so that students are supported and challenged to feel open to new experiences and move closer to the potential that each student holds.

Swartz School partners with the local park district, city hall, police and fire departments, area businesses and the local high school to encourage and support our students.

We are a PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) school. We encourage students to follow the 3Bs (Be safe, Be respectful, Be responsible). Teachers model acceptance and celebration of diversity and teach positive ways to deal with conflict and misunderstanding. Problems/challenges are dealt with immediately and all students are treated with dignity and understanding. Students are taught expected behaviors for our school environment so that all students and teachers feel safe and respected. Fun assemblies, tokens, and public recognition reinforce positive behavior.

Swartz Elementary School was nominated for the National Blue Ribbon Award in 2014. We are committed to providing our students with experiences and instruction to propel them beyond the classroom as confident, capable, caring, and contributing citizens of the world. Teachers and staff are committed to students, families, and the community. We are a school that is committed to challenging and supporting our students in reaching their highest levels of potential.