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Gerrie Aulisa

Gerrie Aulisa, about 18 hours ago

Dear Parents, Today (3/27) from 10am - 12pm at Albright we will be passing out bags of food for our children in need. These bags will include 6 breakfasts and 6 lunches to support students during Spring Break. Please park on Villa Ave. and enter through Door 1. - Ms. Aulisa

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith, 4 days ago

Check out our E-Learning video for SMS! We miss seeing our students every day!

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith, 7 days ago

Join us for Spirit Week (at home) next week! view image

Gerrie Aulisa

Gerrie Aulisa, 11 days ago

Here are some great suggestions for parents during e-learning days: - If possible, set up a designated place for students to do their school work. This should be away from electronics and other distractions. - Students should create their own schedule for the day. (We discussed how students may be helping out more at home during this time, so the schedule should reflect when they are able to successfully work on assignments.) - Write out the schedule, then you'll be more likely to follow it. - Start with your favorite class or assignment. This will help motivate students to start their day. - Don't forget to include break time for a quick energy boost. This should include a snack and some movement.

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