Welcome to Salt Creek School District 48 and thank you for taking the time to visit our website! Our school district has a reputation for being one of the finest in the state with a rich history of over 180 years of continuous service to the Salt Creek School District 48 community. There are three schools in our school district. Salt Creek Primary School serves students in preschool through first grade. Stella May Swartz Elementary School serves students in second through fourth grade. Albright Middle School serves students in fifth through eighth grade. Regardless of where our students attend school, we are one big family. School District 48 is progressive in its approach to providing an outstanding education for its students and has a strong belief in developing the whole child. Our mission statement states, β€œThe Salt Creek School District 48 Community will promote the rigorous development of all of our students and inspire them to learn, grow, lead and succeed in a global society.” This is a core belief that we share with all of the Salt Creek School District 48 stakeholders. Our staff, students, parents and community members are extremely dedicated to our schools and this collaborative partnership is a major reason why our schools are so successful.The school district has an exemplary Board of Education, an outstanding group of administrators, a dynamic group of staff members, a dedicated FTC (Families, Teachers, Children) parent group, and wonderful students. Salt Creek School District 48 is incredibly proud of the numerous opportunities we provide for our students.