The Salt Creek School District 48 Community promotes the rigorous development of all our students and inspires them to learn, grow, lead, and succeed in a global society.


The vision of Salt Creek School District 48 is to:


  • Develop confident and capable students who will be:

    • Effective communicators who can read, write, speak and listen well in a wide variety of situations.

    • Citizens who are respectful, responsible, and independent and who embrace the world’s diversity in a positive manner.

    • Explorers of their world who are filled with a sense of curiosity and discovery, who will venture into the world willing to take risks, be innovative, and to truly make a difference.

    • Successful thinkers who are able to balance analytic and creative thought, and who have a large body of knowledge on which to base their decisions.

    • Life-long learners with a desire to seek out new knowledge and situations and with a capacity for fulfilling their personal mission.

Student Learning Programs

  • Optimize a student’s ability to successfully learn and grow academically, socially, and emotionally

  • Encourage and support students with a balanced academic and extracurricular education in order to be diverse thinkers


  • Build a unified, engaged learning community of students, staff, parents and community members


  • Maintain safety and security of existing facilities while keeping current with environmental and technical best practice


  • Remain financially solvent and enhance revenue to support student learning

Salt Creek District 48 Goals Presentation


D48 Goals

Our commitment to creating a safe and supportive learning environment has never been stronger, as evidenced by our schools' warm and inclusive atmosphere. Our dedicated educators have embraced innovative teaching strategies, and our students are eager to engage in their studies and extracurricular activities.

This year, we have developed three overarching district-wide goals to promote the rigorous development of all our students and inspire them to learn, grow, lead, and succeed in a global society:

  • Improve Student Learning

  • Improve Community Outreach/Stakeholder Relationships

  • Maintain Financial Planning that Enhances Revenues and Controls Costs

Additional information about these goals can be found here. Furthermore, community engagement will remain a priority, with efforts to strengthen partnerships between schools, parents, and local organizations. Together, with the dedication of our educational community, I am confident that we will achieve these goals and provide our students with an exceptional educational experience.