The Salt Creek School District 48 Community promotes the rigorous development of all our students and inspires them to learn, grow, lead, and succeed in a global society.


The vision of Salt Creek School District 48 is to:


  • Develop confident and capable students who will be:

    • Effective communicators who can read, write, speak and listen well in a wide variety of situations.

    • Citizens who are respectful, responsible, and independent and who embrace the world’s diversity in a positive manner.

    • Explorers of their world who are filled with a sense of curiosity and discovery, who will venture into the world willing to take risks, be innovative, and to truly make a difference.

    • Successful thinkers who are able to balance analytic and creative thought, and who have a large body of knowledge on which to base their decisions.

    • Life-long learners with a desire to seek out new knowledge and situations and with a capacity for fulfilling their personal mission.

Student Learning Programs

  • Optimize a student’s ability to successfully learn and grow academically, socially, and emotionally

  • Encourage and support students with a balanced academic and extracurricular education in order to be diverse thinkers


  • Build a unified, engaged learning community of students, staff, parents and community members


  • Maintain safety and security of existing facilities while keeping current with environmental and technical best practice


  • Remain financially solvent and enhance revenue to support student learning