Dr. Amy M. Zaher

Dr. Amy M. Zaher
Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Chris Martelli

Dr. Chris Martelli
Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Becky Allard

Rebecca Allard, CSBO

Director of Operations & Business Services

District Treasurer

Dr. Emily Burnett

Dr. Emily Burnett
Director of Student Services and Human Resources

Tammy Clarke

Mrs. Tammy Clarke
Admin. Assist. to the Superintendent
Board Recording Secretary

Hunter Macek

Mr. Hunter Macek
Accounting/Payroll/Benefits Specialist

Laura Robertson

Mrs. Laura Robertson
Admin. Assist. Student Services

Manny Godinez

Mr. Manny Godinez
Facilities & Maintenance Manager

Roxanne Beausoleli

Roxanne Beausoleil

Administrative Assistant Accounts Payable